Nancy Wilson

Since a real estate purchase is one of the major investments in your life, it is important that you choose the right agent who knows the neighbourhoods, market conditions and thoroughly understands the real estate transaction process

Nowadays, it is easy to locate properties through a combination of online searching and open houses. It may not, however, be in the client’s best interest to wait until they locate a house to choose a specific agent.

The Nancy Wilson Group lives, loves and breathes the world of real estate every day. Our expert agents can help identify the right neighbourhood, coordinate financing, explain the upfront taxes on home purchases, filter out unsuitable properties, identify off-market prospects, know the market value of a home and answer questions that come up along the way.

We are committed to enlighten you on these market conditions in order to assist you in making a wise purchase decision.


Get Pre-Approved

Being pre-approved by a mortgage broker or a lender is one of the first things you should do before starting your home search. Knowing your available loan amount will aid in the process of determining how much you can spend on your home and which neighbourhoods to consider.

Our agents can recommend and refer you to our trusted network of lenders and mortgage brokers. Our recommendations are entirely free of any conflict of interest as we do not benefit monetarily from our service providers.

Find a Home, Review Disclosures and Other Reports

Once you have located the desired property, our agents will guide you through the review of any reports and disclosures provided by the Seller or any schedules from the listing agent. Disclosures contain many vital items such as property condition, pest inspections and whether any remodelling has been done, and if so, whether the remodelling was done with permits.


You've found a home! What do you do now?

We will prepare an Agreement of Purchase and Sale, including any custom clauses you may require. We want to ensure that you are purchasing a property for a fair price and that this property will increase in value over time.


After you sign the offer, our Team will register it with the listing sales representative. A time will be set for the listing sales representative and the buyer representative to meet and present the offer to the Seller. The Seller has a number of options available:

  1. Reject the offer
  2. Accept the offer exactly as presented, making no changes
  3. Counter-offer with whatever changes the Seller wants, such as price, closing or conditions. You then have the option of accepting the Seller's counter offer or making your own changes and signing the newly amended offer back to them. This is where the Nancy Wilson Group's strong negotiation skills come into play.

MULTIPLE OFFER SITUATIONS: It is not uncommon in a Seller's market to experience multiple offer situations. As a Buyer, multiple offers are not pleasant because they push up home prices and can create a stressful home-buying experience. Backed by years of real estate experience, the Nancy Wilson Group will guide you through this situation if it arises.


The Nancy Wilson Group has systems and a comprehensive Buyer Action Plan that is implemented to ensure no steps are missed in the buying process. Every milestone, date and detail is entered into these systems so we can, on a daily basis, monitor and execute to guarantee that nothing gets overlooked. Our Clients will feel confident they are in professional hands and we will lead them every step of the way. We’ve got this for you... it’s not only our job, but our passion as well

The Nancy Wilson Group is here to guide and assist you through to the Day of Closing. However, our relationship with you goes well beyond that monumental day. We are never too busy to answer any questions for our Clients before, during or after the move into their new home.

We believe in Creating Clients for Life One Home at a Time™ and building Clients wealth through real estate. We work mostly by Referral and Clients can be assured we will take great care of their friends, family and co-workers. We’re never too busy for your Referrals.

Be sure to ask us about our elite AFTER CARE CLIENT PROGRAM- a complimentary Value Added Service we provide to our clients.

We also have a prized BUSINESS DIRECTORY for exclusive use by our fantastic Clients.

Enjoy Your New Home!