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Congratulations, you have made the important decision to purchase a home! Buying property is one of the biggest investments you’ll ever make. How exciting!

The Nancy Wilson Group is committed to guiding you every step of the way. So often this process can be worrying, time consuming and requires Buyers to understand market pricing, home inspections, mortgages and other legal documents. We are here to lead you through; before, during and after your purchase.

We have also included great information about the resources and services that we, the Nancy Wilson Group, are proud to offer to our Clients and their Referrals.

As part of our team we have a staging crew and a handyman to lend a hand to our Clients with post-home purchase questions or issues. This includes suggestions on potential improvements and discovering ways to make your home functionally and aesthetically pleasing to fit with your personality.

Please take a look at our Complimentary Service For Buyers below which details our list of services. Please click on the titles to learn more about our offerings.

Now let’s get started...


The Nancy Wilson Group is devoted to providing exceptional service to its Clients. We invest ourselves, time and expertise in all our Clients. Below are the complimentary services we offer to each of our Buyers.


Finding the right location, paying the right price, condition of the property and closing are the most important elements to a successful real estate transaction. Our buyer representatives have enhanced market knowledge and on a daily basis monitor and tour the areas in which they specialize. They also have their finger on the pulse with up-to-date market information, statistics and upcoming listings.

We are part of the Keller Williams family which is comprised of the most highly skilled agents in the industry. This network gives us a substantial advantage, including early notice of new listings and market changes and weekly meetings where upcoming properties are announced before they hit the market.

Our buyer representatives work together to find the best home for you because they are motivated by your satisfaction, not by their commission!


Clients generally have an initial idea of what part of the City and neighbourhoods appeal most to them. However, you should examine your criteria to determine the areas within those neighbourhoods you feel are a good match.

Our agents will personally take you to some of your desired neighbourhoods, give you an overview of the area and show a few representative homes. More importantly, our agents will provide you with information about location such as local schools, transit, businesses, parks and the appreciation potential of each area. Generally, Clients should not purchase a home until they are familiar with the neighbourhoods and have seen enough properties to truly recognize an excellent fit.

Check out our School Link and also our NEIGHBORHOODS section to become more familiar with where you want to live, laugh and call home.


There are many intricacies involved in the home buying process and only the best agents can understand the complexities and use them to their Clients’ advantage. At the Nancy Wilson Team our knowledge and expertise give us the ability to weave through the home buying process and negotiate the best purchase price for our Clients.

Our team has over 17 years of negotiating experience with backgrounds in real estate negotiations, law and also dispute resolution which provide us with the necessary analytical skills perfect for negotiating and deal structuring.

As a Client, our buyer representatives will work with you to understand your specific circumstances, financial situation and HEAR your needs. We will have a detailed negotiation and deal structuring discussion with you prior to making an offer on a chosen property. In our experience, being prepared, anticipating the Seller’s actions and having a negotiation plan prior to submitting an offer often put our clients at a great advantage, particularly in multiple offer situations.