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Selling a home can be a complex, high-stress and time-consuming endeavor. The process encompasses knowing what improvements to make to get the best return, staging the home so it embodies the right image and style, employing and overseeing various vendors, accurately pricing the home, marketing, negotiating the offers and closing.

To ease the Seller’s burden, the Nancy Wilson Group will take on and thoroughly guide clients through all of the prep work relating to home improvement, marketing and negotiations. We have a team of specialists (e.g., staging team and handyman) and an experienced listing agent, Nancy Wilson, who are all dedicated exclusively to assisting homeowners through the selling process.

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We provide many complimentary services to Sellers to ensure that their experience is hassle-free, efficient and achieves the highest market price possible for their home.

Our staging team and trusted handyman will be there to assist in the preparation of listing your home as an added value service to our Sellers*.

Lastly, we will also ensure your home is sparkling and well-dressed by our professional cleaners prior to the listing day.

* Please contact us for details on complimentary time allotted


The Nancy Wilson Group provides FREE staging consultation, staging* and advice to Clients in order to prepare their homes for sale. We schedule time with our trusted handyman to make any necessary repairs and we assist with the coordination of de-cluttering, storage of items and painting*.

When it comes to staging we have it all, our own furniture, accessories and artwork, which we provide as part of the complimentary service for our Clients. We coordinate the whole process from listing to closing and beyond.

We also have a host of other trusted and honest professionals at our finger tips should you require anything else in order to get your home ready. Our recommendations are entirely free of any conflict of interest as we do not benefit monetarily from our service providers.

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* Please contact us for details on complimentary time allotted


“You want to appeal to a broad audience and we have a sense of what people are looking for. A house is a product and you want your product to stand out."

Nancy Wilson

While we all believe that our home is our castle, our personal tastes may not appeal to everyone. It is our role to give you an impartial analysis and create a listing plan that is tailored to your home. With our experience and daily exposure to the real estate market we have the ability to look at a home and decide what needs to be prepared in order to market to a wide audience of Buyers. It is good to remember that some things are not worth investing the money into before you sell. Let us be your advisor for what solutions can help you receive top dollar in the shortest period of time.

We will position your home by drawing out its value so it appeals to Buyers more so than other comparable products on the market. We will achieve this through staging, advising on renovations, de-cluttering or by a simple tidying job. The good thing is that our team can take care of all the work!

Our "For Sale" Sign Ready Solution goes beyond simple staging and can include many different activities depending on your property. Our services range from something as simple as tightening a loose door handle, updating a wall colour scheme and landscaping to guiding you through completely renovating rooms in order to increase its sale value.

Once you have made the decision to list with the Nancy Wilson Group, our team will immediately begin to coordinate the pre-listing work and scheduling. We will roll up our sleeves to get everything done with as little disruption as possible to your daily life and therefore easing your stress.


Exposure is the most important component of attracting a qualified Buyer to your home. We create a customized marketing strategy for each of our listings in order to showcase and advertise your home to the target market, Buyer and Agents. Our marketing strategy begins as soon as you make the decision to list with the Nancy Wilson Group – even before your home hits the market!

The Nancy Wilson Group is committed to selling your home for the highest value in the shortest period of time. We operate with integrity and use our extensive relationships to our Sellers advantage by personally advertising our listings to Agents who have prospective Buyers.

Please Contact us to get the whole scoop on our extensive marketing plan for you.